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Agricultural Fellowship Programs

Agriculture Programs

Taking part in farm life goes beyond a simple travelling experience to become a return to tradition. It is this immediate, personal relationship between people and the land when you soon become friend that one can restore by taking part in Agritourism activities.

Cultural Tours Destinations

Cultural tourism relates to a city’s majestic art, fascinating architecture, age-old customs, impeccable hospitality, authentic cuisines, thriving nightlife, and many more facets.
Health & Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats

Press pause on the everyday. Immerse yourself in nature. Work with a life and leadership coach to support you through challenge and change. Tune inwards with yoga and meditation.


A career in medicine is not for the faint of heart, and only with this knowledge can you truly be confident in your decision to become a physician. How else will you know for certain that a career in medicine is right for you? By shadowing, you’ll log enough clinical hours to make yourself and admissions committees sure that you know what you’re signing up for.

The Philotimo Story

We are very delighted to extend you a warm welcome to our website.

In fact Philotimo is a Greek noun translating to “Love of Honour”.

We are very passionate about education, medicine, agriculture and tourism.

Philotimo’s founding principles of Integrity, Respect, Commitment and Imagination.

Our programs will redefine your world giving you confidence, teaching you how to interact with other cultures.

We provide an authentic learning experience that is challenging and exciting.

Philotimo’s Fellowship Programs have been commended by schools, teachers, and students throughout the US and Lebanon because of their quality.

Travel & Studying Abroad made easy

Say goodbye to stress

Browse and book, and we’ll tell you when to be where. You can just focus on having a great time.

Compared to a typical travel package, our comprehensive travel experience offers an all inclusive deal you can’t find anywhere else. Philotimo offers:

Accommodation, transportation, daily meals, licensed tours guide, tickets to most important historical sites, health insurance and so much more so you can make the most out of your trip.

We don’t just cater to university students, this experience is designed for all who want to experience a taste of Greek culture.

Note: Airfare is not included.

Access to Top Medical Facilities

As a Philotimo Fellow Student, you will have the opportunity to partake in a comprehensive educational experience in an environment that includes the most up-to date medical equipment, as well as modern facilities that rival and often exceed-most other fellowship programs.

By incorporating lectures, problem-based learning, surgical experiences, standardized-patient evaluations, and an open-door policy of student support and our doctors will engage and inspire you to become a truly knowledgeable and compassionate physician.

You will have the opportunity to integrate across the disciplines, combining scientific knowledge with exposure to clinical settings within the first day of your fellowship program, you will quickly gain access to the “real world” of medicine.

Why Shadowing

Develop skill that no classroom can match.

Learn from experience by gaining exposure to a wide variety of specialties. Develop empathy and cross cultural competence through mindful observation. Learn the importance of observing and listening, rather than assuming, and overcome the instinc of stereotyping. Become a better healthcare professional, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Create a compelling narrative and earn admission to top Medical Schools.

Admission to Medical School is becoming ever more competitive and selecting committees are looking for someone who has done more than just taking all the mandatory science courses. What makes the difference is often having gone the extra mile, with deep-dives where you engage in learning with passion. Being able to support your statements with personal accounts will make a big difference.

Befriending doctors and earning great letters of recommendation.

Clinical experience is such an important part of your pre-med training, and not only for medical school admission. It’s an occasion to build the foundations of your future as a physician and explore fields you are drawn to. Shadow multiple doctors, learn about their stories, build your  network and create opportunities for learning and research.

Gap Year Abroad

A gap year only happens once! Students who seize that window of opportunity never regret it. Research consistently shows gap students perform better in college as they come refreshed, more mature and more confident in their choices.

On a Gap experience with Philotimo, you’ll find a perfect balance between structured and free time to help you make the most of this special time. All our programs combine college-level classes you won’t want to miss, with excursions, cultural activities and personal time.

Combine semesters in one or two locations to build a gap experience that meets your goals. Return home with lifelong memories and friends, practical experience, focus and motivation!


Agricultural Program In the Heart of Nature, Working with the Land

Taking part in farm life goes beyond a simple travelling experience to become a return to tradition. It is this immediate, personal relationship between people and the land when you soon become friend that one can restore by taking part in Agritourism activities.
The morphological diversity of Greece and its endless natural resources combined with its unique culture and tradition make up a rare blend of images and experiences. 


What is Agrotourism

Agritourism (or agrotourism) is bringing visitors to a farm or ranch, involving them in any agricultural activities. referred to as farm stays, may include a broad variety of activities, like buying produce direct from the farm, picking fruit, feeding animals, navigating tractors, or staying at a ‘bed and breakfast’ on a farm.

Health and well-being in the land of Asclepius

An elevated lifestyle retreat engulfed by nature, aiming to instill the true meaning of the good life. 

Philotimo’s Wellness Retreat makes sure that you have a plethora of stimulating experience to keep you positively engaged in the moment. We have designed this retreat with the intention to connect, challenge, and change. 

Our Cultural Tours Destinations


The Birthplace of Western Civilization democracy, arts, science and philosophy. Home of Plato, Socrates, Pericles, Euripides, Sophocles, Aeschylus. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities. It’s recorded history spanning around 3.400 years and it is being inhabited since the 11th millennium B.C. E.


The Hidden Gem of Greece In the region of Thessaly, a capital city lies surrounded by lush valleys, and some of the most imposing mountains in Greece. Larissa, with a population of approximately 130,000 residents, is a city where ancient history and long tradition in agriculture meet the modern way of living.

Partners in Greece


A magical adventure discovers this alluring capital and its over 5,000-year-old history with our licensed Archaeologist tour guide....


“the navel of the earth.”
Discover what the ancient Greeks called “the navel of the earth.” Visit the Oracle of Delphi, the holiest site in Ancient Greece. Learn about great figures of ancient history such as Alexander the Great and Cicero as you take a trip to Greek mythology.


Explore the Kingdom of Agamemnon and marvel at the Mask
Walk around the archaeological park, pass through the great Lionesses Gate, explore the Ancient Treasure of Atreus also known as King’s Agamemnon Tomb as well as the Tomb of Clytemnestra.

The Temple of Poseidon

See the sun setting into the Aegean Sea
Start your day with pickup at your accommodation in Athens. Enjoy a comfortable 50-minute drive along the coastal roads of Attica in an air-conditioned minivan and admire the idyllic beaches and small villages that pass by.


For Your Eyes Only.

Meteora represents the power of humans. In the 12th century, Monks built monasteries at the apex of massive monoliths. They used ladders and ropes to reach dangerous heights.


Philotimo’s year round retreats are hosted in breathtaking Mount Olympus, Greece
Divinely guided immersion in the surrounding mountains, sea, and charming villages will bring you home to your true self.